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You know our story, two veterinarians Drs. Karen Becker and Donna Raditic recognized the need to provide education to the pet vested community about nutrition and wellness so they formed CANWI, an independent grass roots organization.

And from the start, CANWI has been at work. We have funded a Veterinary Nutrition Residency, offered several pet parent forums and have numerous projects on the drawing board.  But right now, it is time for us to fulfill our mission to fund independent and unbiased nutrition research for you and your furry children.

Here’s what we know: Many of us are scooping processed dry food into a bowl or opening the same canned food every day. Is this really the best nutrition we can offer? Why do human nutritionists tell us to eat LESS processed foods and more fresh foods?

 It is well known that heat processed foods contain compounds called Advanced Glycation End Products or dietary AGEs. Dietary AGEs have been associated with chronic diseases, aging and even cancer. And preliminary data estimates some pet foods may contain over 122 times the AGEs found in processed human foods!

So today we are announcing a very ambitious research project. CANWI has assembled a team of veterinary nutritionists, food scientists, specialized labs and a prestigious Veterinary College. They will look at the role of dietary AGEs in pet foods and compare feeding processed pet foods to more fresh food pet diets.

Here’s what we hope to gain by funding this study: We want to be sure you are serving up the best nutrition into that bowl every single day. That’s our story, but we can’t do it without your support.

Here’s how you can help: Donations made during our Spring Fundraiser Week May 21st to May 28th will be matched 1:1 by Natural Pet Health Foundation. Please donate now to support CANWI and to fund the nutrition research and other CANWI programs that will help our furry children live longer, healthier lives. 

Best, Dr. Donna

In good health, Dr. Karen

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