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Working Together We Will Make a Difference in the Lives
​of Our Companion Animals…CANWI? Yes, We Can!

About canwi

Our Mission

Become recognized as a trusted source of nutrition and wellness information for our companion animals

CANWI’s Mission

  •  Become recognized as a trusted source of nutrition and wellness information for our companion animals

Achieving Our Mission  

  • Fund research projects in companion animal nutrition and wellness
  • Support professional training programs in nutrition and integrative medicine
  • Offer Nutrition and Wellness Education Forums for pet owners and the pet vested community


  • Funded an ACVN Nutrition Residency Program 
  • Pet Owner Nutrition and Wellness Educational Forums

Board of Directors

  • Patricia A. Micka, President
  • Karen Becker,  DVM, Vice President      
  • Denna L. Cline, Board Member 
  • Marjorie L. Jones, Treasurer 
  • Donna Raditic, DVM, DACVN, CVA, Board Member 
  • Susan S. Spagnola, Esq., Corporate Secretary


  • Don Keelan, CPA
  • Ann Iemola, Events, Marketing, Media 

Advisory Committee

  • Karen Armsey, University of Tennessee
  •  Debora Micka, Senior Vice President, Phoenixville Savings Bank
  •  Ellen Micka, Treasurer, City of Pottsville

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Help us create awareness and understand how optimal nutrition and wellness can improve the lives and longevity of  our companion animals