Why Aren't Our Companion Animals Living Longer?


Develop and fund nutrition and wellness research projects which impact the quality of life and longevity of our companion animals 

The Power To Effect Change

Our team works tirelessly developing programs that result in meaningful change. And that change is what leads step by step into a brighter future.

‚ÄčEducation Forums 

Provide to the public information on companion animal nutrition, conventional and specialty pet diets,  supplements/integrative veterinary care and lifespan wellness from puppies/kittens to the geriatric dogs/cats

Our Mission

Become recognized as a trusted source of nutrition and wellness information for our companion animals 

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Help us create awareness and understand how optimal nutrition and wellness can improve the lives and longevity of  our companion animals 
 Professional Training Programs

Fund  professional training programs for individuals to use nutrition and integrative medicine that will impact the health and wellness of our companion animals  

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